Cityscape (HK) Limited


           Incorporated in 1999, Cityscape has made a name by providing high quality  landscape and  recreation  facilities for the  communities of  Hong Kong,  Macau  and 

           Mainland China. Explaining by the word Cityscape itself, our mission is creating the state of art in city environment like Hong Kong with delight, comfort and beauty.

           About Cityscape :
           Our major products include

     1. Waterslide, swimming pool water feature and theme parks

     2. Children play equipment, skateboarding facilities and climbing wall with safety mat and sport surface

     3. Public artworks, sculpture, architectural feature, artificial rock and clock tower

     4. Street elements, such as furniture, planter, lighting, rainshelter and coverwalkway

     5. Recycle plastic product, landscape timber and fibre glass products

           More  than a supplier, Cityscape acts  as a  problem  solvers  and  delivers a full  scope  of  services  from  design  to  on going maintenance.  We provide one-stop 

           solution of completed landscape design service, planning landscape project management, landscape hard and soft works construction and maintenance.

           We  provide  our  products  and  services to  major  land  developers  and  public  sector,  including the architectural Services Department  and the Leisure & Cultural 

           Services Department. Our keys to success are  product quality,  technical  superiority  and  customer satisfaction.  We continuously upgrade our technical proficiency 

           and product quality to meet our clients' ever-increasing standards of requirements.

           Looking ahead,  we plan to  further  extend our  network. With a wider  geographical  coverage,Cityscape will continue to  provide  the best landscape products  and 

           services to the world’s market with diligence,expertise and professionalism.

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